From Working Drone to Home-buddy: Tips on Unwinding after a Stressful Day at Work

Breaking your back over work is hard enough, but who would have thought some people actually find it harder to unwind after a rough day? If you do not leave a little time for yourself to relax each day after work, you may find yourself falling into a slow but sure burnout sooner than you expect.

Getting stuck in a rut is never good, both for your professional and personal life. Finding the right kind of balance between the two will help you find and maintain a long-term positive attitude about your work, as well as your life outside of it. Here are things you can do to shift from a no-nonsense drone back into a lighter, home-buddy mode:

Start unwinding at the office. As much as possible, do not take unfinished work home. Finish your tasks, or do as much of them as you can accomplish, then leave the rest for the next day. If you are running on a very tight deadline, it’s okay to bend the rules a little and bring some work home for a night or two.

About an hour before clocking out, make a list of the things you need to do for the next day. This will help take your mind off work related stuffs for the rest of the day.

Make your travel back home worthwhile by listening to some music. If it’s at all possible, un-board the bus a few blocks away from home and take a walk. Physical activities can further aid in diffusing stressors, especially when you incorporate it with something that you love—like dancing or gardening.

When you get home, relax and enjoy the silence. Take a nap or engage in a simple meditation. Shutting your mind off from the rest of the world for a few minutes will help bring your attention back to yourself and let you think more clearly about your purpose.

Take some time to play with your pets—if you have one. Animals have an almost magical way of making you smile despite the most stressful day.

And while you’re at it, why not indulge in some simple chores like washing yesterday’s dishes, or re-organizing your books and magazine stacks? Or maybe cook dinner while listening to your favorite upbeat tunes and strutting a little to the beat.

Read a chapter from a book you are currently involved with. If you’re more of a TV buff, tune in to your favorite sitcom instead, or do something else that you enjoy before turning in for the night. Going straight to bed from work will only lead to a restless sleep and a wicked headache the following day.

Work is an important part of your life, but so is your well-being. Finding a healthy balance between your office and home lives will help you enjoy and be more efficient in both.

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Brandie Gonzales

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