How to get Grants for School

The major federal School grants are:

1. PELL Grant 

2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). Besides, there are State grants, a scholarship from private foundations and philanthropic non-profit making organizations.

Named after a US senator Claiborne, from Rhode Island, Pell Grants, originally known as Basic Education Opportunity Grant program was founded by the US Department of Education.  It grants maximum grants up to $ 5,500 and covers around 60% of tuition. Expected Family Contribution is the criteria Pell grant. The financial capability of the parents or family of the student is determined from the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA).

FSEOG Grants are the second source that answers to your FAQ, “How to get School Grants?” These grants are allocated in collaboration with the school in which the intending is studying with a 75%-25% ratio, the federal government bearing the major share. FAFSA determines the major eligibility criteria. Other criteria are a citizenship of US, under-graduation level of study, non-overpayment of the Pell grant and non-default in repayment of the educational loan.

School Grants Programs is the third resource for getting Grants for your School. You can obtain the details about it from your State Education Department or by an online search for the same. In place of FAFSA, a specially designed application form obtainable from the school or online is to be filled up for availing this grant. You are required to submit to the concerned school prior to the commencement of the academic year.

Private Foundations or the Educational Institutions also play an important role. These grants, better known as Scholarship are aimed at encouraging meritorious students, besides their financial needs. Underprivileged minority groups or students pursuing studies on a particular field, for instance on Electronic technology may also qualify for such grants.

School, where the student is studying also, provides grants in the shape of Scholarship to meritorious students, backed by financial needs.  You can get the exact eligibility criteria for the concerned school.

Besides the Post-Secondary grants as discussed above, School Grants are also available for students studying at primary or secondary levels. Details about the same could be available either from the schools concerned or by searching online.

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